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Actiontakers Team is a formidable team of great minds from all over the world. The vision of our page is to eradicate poverty through the use of a multilevel network approach. Hence our missions is solidified in our team’s goals and objectives.

Actiontakers foundation truly wants to be the eye to poverty eradication. Therefore we came together to take daily actions so as to eradicate poverty in Africa and at large.
We are the fastest, Growing team of Turbocharged Masters in Longrich International Bioscience.

Our goal is to recruit, share, train, monitor, and share our rapid profits across our margins.

If everything is going right and the way we want things to, here’s what it looks like.

We believe in Self Respect within our team and we also believe that When it’s done right, it’s not a waste of time.

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Actiontakers Empire
Chinonye Abengowe

Why Join Us?

We Love to Help

Actiontakers Love Helping People Thrive. We love  self Development and Investing in our team

Great Ideas

Actiontakers  Are Moved By the Power of Purpose. We  Have Great Ideas

Be Yourself

In my team we  Embrace the Freedom to Be Yourself. We Like to See and Be Seen by others

Learn to Succeed

You should join my team because we won’t recruit and abandon you, we’ll recruit and coach you.

No Holding Back

We teach you all you need to know about the business and if you apply what we teach you, the sky will be your stepping stone.

focusing on the Future

Actiontakers Are Passionate About Your Future.

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